Online Dispute Resolution

Designed by experienced industry professionals, Immediation is a dispute resolution platform utilising technological solutions to facilitate faster outcomes at a reduced overall cost.

At the heart of the platform is video conferencing software allowing disputes to be mediated and resolved from remote locations, obviating the need for travel and conference rooms in mutually agreeable locations. It can be operated by mediators, arbitrators or legally trained clerks, with integrated means to produce documentation such as negotiated agreements and legal forms.

Online Dispute Resolution

Immediation positions itself as the way forward for dispute resolution. Some of its strongest features include:

  • Online availability of over 90 internationally recognised dispute resolution experts who can offer advice and guidance so that the parties can reach a speedy and amicable result that maintains relationships into the future.
  • Dispute resolution in 30 days, and a single fixed fee that reflects the value of the claim in contention.
  • Upload documents and evidence from a wide variety of devices.
  • Integration of ‘best practice’ documentation resulting from a dispute resolution to prevent unnecessary delays.
  • Mediation conducted virtually by legally trained clerks who can ensure the platform’s technology is accessible and understandable to the parties involved.
  • The platform also provides for pre-meeting concierge to put parties at their ease; 24/7 technical support, including during live matters; scalable infrastructure to fit with your existing systems; advanced private rooms; control of access by witnesses; and data storage in Australia to ensure confidentiality and security.
Online Dispute Resolution

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Online Dispute Resolution

Immediation Overview

Online Dispute Resolution

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