How Your Law Firm Should Use Facebook

Let’s face it!  Most law firms struggle with content generation and the subsequent syndication to social media platforms. Notwithstanding this, some firms have strong lead sources without having to dabble inconsistently with another marketing channel. In our own experience, this is the case. We don’t actively engage in social media because we have other lead channels that we focus our efforts. That said, the far majority of law firms we work with (and manage their complete end-to-end social media management) want to be more active on social media, particularly Facebook.

Since Facebook has billions of users every day, law firm Facebook pages that are dynamic and engaging are a valuable business asset. For lawyers, however, social media can be a difficult addition to an already hectic schedule, prompting a slew of questions, including:

  • How can your law firm’s Facebook page be optimized to attract the most attention?
  • What should you be putting up on social media?
  • Should you rely on organic traffic or spend money on Facebook ads?

It takes time and effort to properly use your law firm’s Facebook page, but here are some pointers to help you make the investment worthwhile.

For your law firm, put a premium on engagement.

Thousands of law firms have launched Facebook pages in the hopes of gaining client trust and authority. Many of these law firms report that Facebook isn’t working for them, and one reason for this is because getting the most out of your law firm’s Facebook presence takes time, effort, and consistency. It takes more than likes and following to make law firm marketing succeed on Facebook. It requires engagement. Facebook can become a strong platform for your law firm if you make frequent, meaningful engagement a habit.

Include photos, videos, and hashtags in your post.

Facebook is a visual medium, so start generating well-designed posts for your Facebook page. Add compelling photos with user-friendly captions instead of chunks of text about your last trial victory. Cartoons, drawings, catchy quotes, and video snippets are all effective methods to keep your following engaged.

Here are some ideas on how to use video on your firm’s Facebook page:

  • Keep your video within three minutes.
  • Make your films more SEO-friendly. Include your keywords in the titles and descriptions.
  • Instead of embedding a video from another site, upload your videos directly to Facebook since natively produced videos get priority in the feed.

Another approach to boost your organic reach is to use hashtags. Legal hashtags transform your topic into a clickable link. This allows people who are interested in a certain subject, such as #compensationlaw, to land on your law firm’s Facebook page.

Maintain a professional and personal tone.

Your Facebook page is an extension of your law firm, so you must remain up to date on advertising best practices. Before you post, give it some thought. While professionalism is required at all times, you can still be personal. Allow prospective clients to see your personality on your law firm’s Facebook page. Speak their language and discuss topics that are important to them. Local concerns and current events are excellent post topics, so don’t wait to share your thoughts.

You can also connect with certain colleagues or law firms. By liking, commenting on, and sharing the content of these other experts, you can expect them to do the same for you. This offers everyone greater exposure and allows key industry leaders to build relationships.

Request and respond to client reviews.

Client testimonials are a free and effective form of advertising for your law firm. You may be hesitant to ask for a client review, but most clients do not think to leave one unless they are asked. Since peer evaluations have such a strong effect on a potential client’s decision to contact a law firm, requesting client feedback should be a top priority. You may already have a stack of glowing Google reviews, but don’t forget to get feedback on Facebook as well.

Your law firm should respond to reviews, whether good or bad. This shows that you value customer feedback and keep in touch with them. There are also platforms like FirmRanker that help law firms get more 5-star reviews and fewer bad ones so you can attract more clients and achieve better local SEO results.

Consider paid ads.

Facebook’s worst-kept secret is that they are always attempting to monetize your content with advertisements. When you use sponsored ads to promote your content, more people will see them in their feeds. You should consider trying out Facebook ads if you want to get the most out of your law firm marketing efforts.

Get help from a leading law firm marketing agency.

It doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process to optimize your law firm’s Facebook page. You can start attracting more potential clients by implementing a few simple practices and strategically timing your posts. Alternatively, you can seek expert advice from law firm marketing agencies.

At the end of the day, if you aren’t improving your social presence more quickly than other law firms, you run the risk of losing out on very profitable work that could wind up in someone else’s hands.

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