How Your Law Firm Can Create Amazing Graphics in under 3 Minutes –

By 15 January 2015Marketing Hub

Do you wish to create stunning graphics for your law firm’s social media channels without paying graphic designers to do the job?

Introducing Canva…

Canva is a fantastic graphic design tool that lets you create almost all types of images within minutes.  From Facebook covers, flyers, posters, company logo, invitations and presentations, Canva can be just everything you need.

Canva is a website that is free to sign up. This crash course will teach you how to create amazing graphics within 3 minutes.

Log in at If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for a free account or login using your Facebook account.

Once you’re in, you’ll see a page that takes you to a 23 second demo about how you can use the tool. This is not an offer. It is part of the process, so you’ll have to click on the “Show me how it’s done” button below and just follow the prompts.  

Now, let’s do it together!  Go to Your Design Tab. This gives you a lot of options about what kind of graphics you want to create such as email header, social media layout, presentation, and many more. Say for example, you want to create a cover photo for your law firm’s Facebook page.

Click on Facebook Cover and it opens an image editor with a blank cover image that is sized perfectly for Facebook.

Choose a layout from the left side menu. Each of the frames within the layout can be modified, so you can upload your own images that you want to use.

Click on Uploads at the bottom of the left side menu and click on the green button at the top that says Upload Photo. Or you can drag and drop your images from the desktop. Make sure your images are under 25MB and they should either be in a JPEG, PNG, or SVG format. Ideally, use images that are under 200kb.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, drag each of them and position them to the canvas.

Next, click on the image editor, and choose Filter. This allows you to choose different hues and add drama to each of your photo. You can also do it manually by dragging the round button below from left to right to adjust its brightness and contrast.

Click on the text to edit. Change it to the name of your company. You can pick any colour that best represents your company by clicking the colour palette. The text editor will further allow you to select your desired font style, size, and design.

Now, click on the text below. Another editor box will appear. Change your text’s background colour by clicking on the colour palette.

You now have your Facebook cover ready to go! The last thing you need to do is save and download your  image. Click on the download button at the upper left side of Canva and you’re good to go. Don’t worry about the empty profile picture below your cover photo. Take note that Canva’s cover photo is patterned on how it actually appears on your Facebook page.

Don’t worry if you have changed your mind and prefer another design. You can always go back to the page editor and play on Canva’s different features, and have different versions of your graphics in minutes. Take a look at this.

If you want it all black and look more professional, you can filter each image and change it to Street Mode.

You can also change its background. Canva is preloaded with over 20 free background images on its left side menu which you can choose and fit in your graphics. Just click on the Background tab and select your desired background.

Canva is a great tool for firms who want to produce good looking graphics quickly!


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