How to Build an Email List for your Law Firm with Facebook

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There’s always the risk that when you build an online audience on another platform of which you don’t control, rules change and all the effort you have invested may be lost. For this reason, drawing your social audience to your firm’s own website is important and better still, acquiring an email list of your social connections is even better.

So, in the context of Facebook, how do you do it?  Basically with what we call a “squeeze page.”

Before we dive into it, let me tell you why you would want to build an email list with Facebook.

Email marketing is far from dead.  It still proves to be a potent method of generating new business from existing or past clients.

Facebook is currently the biggest social network and it can be a great platform for acquiring leads and turning them into subscribers of which you then manage via your lead management strategy.

Let’s get the ball rolling! Login to your Facebook page, and install an opt-in email app.

What is an opt-in email?

An opt-in email is a Facebook application that allows you to add a sign-up form into your Facebook page.

Your opt-in email will depend on the email provider you use. For example, if you are using AWeber, you can search for AWeber Facebook opt-in and click on the “Add App Page button.” This adds up the Email Sign-up tab your page menu, which you can modify for visual appeal. When you click on the tab, it will lead you to your AWeber Facebook opt-in.

The steps are pretty much the same for other email providers like Mail Chimp. If you prefer Mailchimp, you just have to go to the Mailchimp app on Facebook and install its opt-in form. After that, just follow the prompts and you’ll get your opt-in email right away.

Once you have an opt-in email app, your next step is to gather subscribers.  Now, you can’t just sit around there and wait for your fans to fill up your sign-up form. You have to do something, don’t you?

So the next step is to follow the inverted triangle technique in Facebook Marketing.

Engage your audience. Inform your community that you’ve launched an opt-in email and that they can start subscribing whatever services you offer via Facebook.

Invite more people to sign-up via Facebook. Don’t forget to tag your friends and other people you know.

Post compelling status, updates, images, or videos in your page. But remember that typically Facebook is a social medium that largely people use to connect with friends, family etc so avoid writing lengthy content or content that is self-serving.  Always blend your text with eye-catching images.

Don’t forget to comment or reply to people who Liked, Shared, and Commented on your posts.

Next, capture your fans attention. Your fans see a lot of Ads and content that pass in their newsfeed every few minutes. So you need to make sure that your content does not get ignored.

Experiment on the different types of post and watch engagement levels and mix the type of content that you’re posting as well. The below example is of a firm that harnessed a poll as an engagement method.

If you are sharing an article from your website, don’t write the whole article in your page. Instead, just write a summary or crop the climax of the story and post it together with a link that directs the audience to the actual post.

Convert your fans into subscribers.  Drive your fans to your email. Don’t forget to include a subtle call-to-action inviting your fans to sign-up. What are the benefits to them if they do?

Facebook is a great platform. But to really harness its value for your law firm, always be thinking of ways that you can encourage your community to go one step further and become subscribers of your firm’s email marketing campaigns!

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