How Does Our Law Firm Measure ROI from Billboards?

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Billboards! Waste of time of not? It’s the perennial question because unlike other marketing channels finding the ROI can be problematic.

That said, it doesn’t need to be completely!

Billboards are primarily about brand awareness.  In other words, letting potential clients know that you exist and of course, if they have that specific legal issue, potentially reach out.

One way to get at least some measurement is to run a unique phone number on your boards. In other words, a completely dedicated phone number that tracks call volume and other crucial analytics.

Will it give you the whole picture? No, because becoming brand-aware doesn’t necessarily mean that you will remember a phone number, but you may Google the firm name at a later point.

Need help getting a better sense of ROI on your boards, we have our own call tracking platform and can get you up and running within hours.

Need help with billboard design, we do plenty of them and regularly work with all the major companies including, Bishop, oOH etc. You Can Easily Schedule a Call With Me Right Here

Contact our design team today.

Get rid of the hassle of dealing with consultants and an entourage of service providers. Our super responsive team at Fast Firms are here to take care of your brand building.

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