Why Guides are a Great Capture for Lead Generation

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Each month, your firm like most is probably in receipt of a significantly higher amount of web visits than actual client conversions. In other words, each month, you have 1,200 people visit your criminal law firm’s website, but those who actually become clients are in single digits.

Don’t despair! Providing you’re watching your web analytics, in particular traffic movement through your website and you’re regularly pivoting your site to match where people are going, or what they’re looking for, you’ve got a headstart on the majority of law firms in the market who still treat their web presence as a static medium.

But one thing that can help lead capture are downloadable guides. Look at your analytics and define the burning questions that people are searching answers for and potentially build a guide around those key themes. For example, if you typically find that people are regularly consuming content on your site that relates to children’s issues in family law matters, then a guide dealing with these issues may prove to be an effective lead generation tool. Obviously, you’ll need to configure your website a little and integrate functionality that allows the user to only download the guide following their submission of their email address. Then, you’re lead nurturing strategy takes hold. It might be in the form of one of the family lawyers, or the family law partner, reaching out to the person one week later, asking them if the guide answered all their questions and if not, they’re there to help.

The other thing you need to do is ensure you capture these leads in your analytics. There is a little bit of fiddly work here, but hand this link to your developer.

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