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Google has made yet another round of significant algorithm changes in the last few days that like previous updates, is all about its preferential option for those websites that are providing good, quality content. If you’re running duplicate content, or have an unscrupulous SEO crew doing this work for you by duplicating your blog posts on numerous sites, you should be very worried. Unfortunately, you may not know if the latter has occurred until it’s too late and your site rankings disappear from Google.

Here’s what you need to do now to ensure your firm stays alive during this Google flush-out.

1. Continue to write good, quality content for your website.
2. Don’t ever let this content, or any content for that matter, on your website be duplicated.
3. Whoever is doing your SEO (search engine optimisation) insist that there is no content spinning occurring.

The latter point is vitally important, because most law firms are outsourcing their SEO, which may well be being undertaken by people off-shore who perhaps are running SEO campaigns for hundreds of other businesses and thus, may be less pedantic than they should be.

Read what Matt Cutts from Google says right here

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