Google Panda, Hummingbird and Now Pidgeon!

By 29 July 2014Blog

Another round of search algorithm changes by Google over the weekend has reiterated the importance of “local” as a primary driver in getting better ranked in the search engine.

Search Engine Land has named the release as “pidgeon”

The update is predominantly focused on merging your law firm’s website, Google Maps and Google Place pages using location and distance ranking parameters, Knowledge Graph, and spelling correction which will all improve search results for relevant queries at a local level.

The take home message at this stage, despite the embryonic nature of the algorithm change would seem to be to ensure that the practice of (NAP) Name / Address / Placement on your website, preferably in the footer or side bar of every page will assist Google in merging your Place Page and Website.

At this end, we have already seen some nice results with better rankings for firms that have spent the time integrating Place pages and their website.

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