Family Property

Onboarding Family Law Clients Made Easy

Family law is a difficult area of the law where high emotions, child-rearing and competing claims on who should get what from the relationship can make things very complicated.

Designed by family law experts, FamilyProperty provides online tools for law firms and clients which take some of the complexity out of resolving family disputes, hopefully saving both time and money.

Automated intakes, auto-calculation of balance sheets, auto generation of court documents, facilitation of ongoing disclosure and even mediation agreements are all handled in FamilyProperty to provide easier resolution of financial settlements.

Onboarding Family Law Clients Made Easy

For a firm with a busy practice in family law, FamilyProperty aims to provide a competitive advantage.

For clients it provides an accessible online questionnaire to get their matter underway, while for lawyers it automates and streamlines time-consuming and error-prone processes such as building balance sheets, collecting and disclosing documents to the other party, and drafting court forms.

More detail on key features include:

  • A simple-to-understand and customisable intake questionnaire that covers all the essential financial aspects of a family law matter. Available across platforms, including mobile.
  • Easy compilation of target percentage outcomes, sub-balance sheets, two-pool calculations, cash adjustments and versioning via the FamilyProperty balance sheet tool. Ability to customise so that areas of dispute are highlighted and comparable.
  • Ongoing disclosure between the parties is an important aspect of family law matters. Through FamilyProperty it’s easily managed via link sharing to a ‘Dropbox’-like portal. Submitted information is automatically categorised against the relevant item in the balance sheet.
  • Automated documents in Word and/or Excel formats, including the balance sheet, heads of agreement, chronologies to financial statements, document indexes and mediation agreements. Plus simple ‘click’ conversion into professional documents or court forms.

FamilyProperty allows both clients and legal practitioners to work on a family law matter at any time and in any location thanks to its beginning-to-end approach.

Onboarding Family Law Clients Made Easy

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Onboarding Family Law Clients Made Easy

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Onboarding Family Law Clients Made Easy

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