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Things to Consider with Your Digital Marketing

Most law firms have an antiquated approach to digital marketing or are using an agency that is not delivering results. At Fast Firms, we have a proven digital marketing methodology. In this context here are some things we consider to be part of the essential mix.

What is Digital Marketing for Law Firms?

Digital marketing for law firms relates to a multitude of areas of marketing, usually those that derive from traditional, online sources.

Generally speaking, digital marketing for law firms derives from having an online presence, be it your website or social media presence and generating leads and converting them into file opens from an array of “digital marketing” tactics.


What Types of Digital Marketing for Law Firms Do We Adopt?

It all derives from a strategy with clearly defined marketing objectives and KPIs. Typically speaking, digital marketing involves a high-converting website, SEO (search engine optimisation), Google & Facebook Ads, Remarketing, content writing, email marketing, podcasting and video.

At Fast Firms, we take care of all this for you savcing your law firm the nightmare of habving a multitude of service providers.

How Long Does Digital Marketing for Law Firms Take?

We always start with a strategy. Once we have the major digital assets in place like your law firm’s website, we can drive results promptly through a range of targeted campaigns.

But like most things, the answer largely depends upon what you’re trying to achieve and the nature of your legal practice. For example, if you’re a new compensation practice in a metropolitan area with a limited budget, you will achieve very limited, if any results. It’s as simple as that!

The Importance of Data Tracking

Great digital marketing for law firms derives from robust data sets that can illuminate not only what is working, but also, most importantly, what isn’t. At Fast Firms, we deploy a wide, diverse range of data set tools to track every facet of lead generation through to file open and beyond.

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