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Never before has it been as important to differentiate your law firm amid an industry that is undergoing radical change. When it comes to design and online user experience, your firm is no longer bench-marked alongside your competitors, but rather the broad online experiences of your potential clients.

Our work in user experience Web design emanates from a design thinking methodology where we start with your clients first, moving backwards to the firm itself. Simply put, because of this methodology, as well as a robust commitment to positioning and differentiation, our clients stand out from the crowd.


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Website Design for Law Firms


We design for your clients first and your firm second.


While we consider being lawyers helps considerably working with law firms, the starting point for us is to hear of the fears, goals, behaviors, frustrations, tolerances and preferences of prospective clients your firm is trying to engage.


One of the most practical forms of empathy in design is through the creation of a client personas: (fictional identities built from real research that eliminate a lot of the guesswork and provide a compass in creating websites that work.


Empathy and understanding of your client cohort is key, but it has to transcend to relying on concrete facts. We’re strong advocates of usability testing, refining and improving the online experience of prospective and existing clients.


Usability testing often reveals new insights your law firm never would have guessed.


You probably would have noticed that the vast majority of Law firm web design look the same. Our work is informed by the very latest lawyer web design trends.


At present, we’re harnessing strong photographic elements to support the brand essence and key value propositions of our clients, and minimalistic text to not over complicate those propositions.

Benchmarking Law Firm Web Design

Holistic Web Design

Effective lawyer web design emanates from understanding who you’re trying to reach, how best to reach them and with key messages and aesthetics that engage and optimise conversions.


We bring a holistic strategy to our work, predicated on an acute client focus and contemporary design standards. We underpin our work with a plethora of web testing tools, include A/B testing and heatmaps to keep optimising the design.

  • Client Focus

  • User-Experience Design

  • Brand Differentiation

  • Mobile Responsive

  • SEO Optimised

How We Can Help


Successful law firms evolve and so too should all their brand collateral. A good law firm’s website becomes the quintessential marketing platform for client acquisition as well as a learning portal for existing clients.


A significant majority of our clients work with us across all their brand collateral, which of course entails their web presence. However, we can also help renovating your current law firm’s website to ensure a synergy across all your firm’s marketing touch-points.


Has your law firm’s web presence become outdated? We can help by applying our web design methodology that we have consistently used in Web designing and website development of plenty of law firm websites in Australia and the United States.


Law firms don’t always come to us with the sole question of re-building their current website. Often in working with clients we identify new practice opportunities that deserve their own individual web presence. This is typically the case in mass tort actions, of which we have created bespoke lead generation platforms.


In addition to doing this type of work, we have designed and developed micro-sites to single out the prowess of individual lawyers as well as designing Intranets.

Things to Watch, Listen or Read


Robert Algeri is a founder of the law firm web design company, Great Jakes based in New York.

In this interview, Fast Firm’s Director, Dan Toombs talks with Robert about new design trends, the importance of framing content and why differentiation is the “new black.”

How to Build a Great Law Firm Website


On 21 April, 2015 there was a major search algorithm update by Google that seriously impacted upon those law firm websites that are non-responsive on a mobile device.

This video tutorial will help you start to think about how your law firm can not only become mobile-user friendly, but also not miss the opportunity of creating a great user experience for your potential clients, who increasingly are using mobile devices for search.

Listen Here


User experience, often neglected with so much law firm website design is such an integral aspect to converting visitors into clients, yet it is not understood and rarely applied.

User experience starts with understanding who your firm’s “perfect client” is and speaking to them in a myriad of different ways using diverse mediums as a mechanism to inform and dare I say it, “delight” them.

See the Infographic


A really useful resource is thinking of law firm web design is Creative Bloq. It provides great information on contemporary web design standards and trends.

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