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Design thinking starts with your client’s needs and problems rather than with your own business needs and problems. It challenges traditional ‘supply-push’ models of innovation which involve businesses developing new products and services in isolation and then forcing them on customers through traditional marketing and selling strategies.

A design-led business firm engages in what’s commonly referred to as a ‘pull-led’ innovation by actively listening to their clients, engaging with them on a day-to-day basis in understanding their needs and aspirations and involving them in the co-creation of the services, or dare I say it, the legal products that they will consume. Being design-led just doesn’t apply to the legal work, but rather the whole continuum of how a potential client, hears, touches, observes, contacts, interacts and ultimately becomes a client of your law firm.

In contrast to a number of other strategic frameworks, design thinking involves starting from the other end of the client experience, working backwards to intimately engage with your clients and consequently, re-orientating your entire business model to ensure this predominant focus.



In introductory workshops, we lead your law firm participants through a full design cycle and introduce the mindsets and methods of the design thinking process.

Options Include (depending upon the size of your firm):

  • Two-hour workshops
  • Half-day workshops
  • Full-day workshops


Design sprints are tailored specifically to your firm’s practice areas and clients. They are highly customised workshops that focus on your clients’ real-world problems and result in actionable insights, prototypes and design iterations.

Options Include:

  • Two- to-three day sprints
  • Weeklong sprints


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