Your Law Firm?

If your firm is like 93% of other law firms in the United States, then it is probably the case that your website is full to the brim with images of court buildings, gavels, steel faced Attorneys, injured people and skylines (not to mention those very antiquated logos).

It Must Work?

Now, you probably think, like the majority of other law firms, that if your competitors online presence is covered with those design elements, it must work!


Alternatively, you have gone to a law firm web design company that have simply adopted a cookie-cutter approach to their work and you have become another victim of a web design template and paid good money for it.

The End Result!

And, so begins this bizarre “copy-cat” methodology that informs website after website within the legal industry, particularly in the United States that ultimately undermines the key objective of your marketing strategy and that is to “stand-out” from your competitors.


Why else would you start a law firm?


The Difference!

We’re proud to say that in our work with clients from Erin Brockovich to large, national law firms to small solo legal practices we’ve never plastered an image of a courtroom, a gavel, a motor vehicle accident victim or a city skyline on any website or marketing touch point.


And, that’s one of the many reasons why we’re different!

Be Different Too

We’re a complete end to end law firm marketing company that works internationally.


We’re on a mission to work with law firms who want to zig when all the others zag!

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