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Dan Toombs.



I’ve been where you are! Approximately 6 years ago I was the CEO of a community legal service that experienced rapid growth in 3 short years, catapulting from 8 to 32 staff members, becoming Australia’s largest and most awarded.

The sheer speed of growth challenged numerous fronts, but in particular, our brand identity and how this brand was being communicated to a wide-range of stakeholders.

At the time, pivotal to that whole notion of “brand” was the question of “what were we doing as an organisation to convey who we were in a manner that meant something to both our clients and also government partners.”

When I looked around my office there was a plethora of marketing collateral that had been developed over the 20-year life of the organisation and there wasn’t a skerrick of synergy across any of it. Brochures, business cards and other print paraphernalia and a website that didn’t work and the birth of this thing called, “social media.”

So began the arduous task of trying to pull it together. I met with graphic artists, digital strategists, web designers, IT providers, web hosting companies and others, trying to coordinate a singular response to a multi-dimensional issue. Not to mention that it was compounded by the fact that law firms are unique, what works for an online shoe shop, won’t necessarily work for law firms. It proved to be a nightmare, one of which after talking with many of my colleagues who were partners of firms, I wasn’t alone in experiencing.

In late 2007, I was on a Winston Churchill Fellowship and was living in New York and working with an innovation hub that were among other things, harnessing technology to improve the NYC criminal justice system. I subsequently learnt a lot, and returned and designed a web-based platform to train the Queensland judiciary and lawyers on the idiosyncrasies of dealing with disadvantaged people, particularly those with an acute mental illness who had come in contact with the criminal courts. It was a huge success and attracted numerous awards.

Soon after, I was approached by a number of firms asking me to help them with their own online strategy and implementation and as a Director of Legal Aid Queensland, helping them respond to their digital and design challenges.

I pulled together a team of leading designers and developers and we went to work!

6 years later, Fast Firms has become Australia’s leading law firm marketing company responding to the ubiquitous problem that faces so many legal practices who try to make sense of marketing in a complex digital environment, whilst also harnessing the power of print, TV, radio and outdoor advertising.

During the course of our evolution, Fast Firms has worked and continues to work with publicly-listed firms, like Shine Lawyers to those firms who we have journeyed with from their inception through to their domination of targeted markets.

On an international level, we have spear-headed numerous global campaigns that have culminated into major class actions in the areas of health and the environment.

While our work derives from an acute understanding of the latest technologies and marketing trends, because of our degree of specialisation, each and every day we garner insight into what is working and what isn’t for our clients. This continually allows us to respond proactively to our client’s technology or marketing campaigns, as well as devising new technologies to assist our clients with further market reach.

For example, we’re currently designing and developing a Live Video Chat platform that has evolved out of the experiences of some of our clients who have identified shortcomings in some of the existing static Live Chat platforms.

Similarly, we have developed a completely self-automated online will kit targeted at the 18 – 25 year old demographic and at a much more global level, for Erin Brockovich, a self-reporting environmental advocacy platform that allows users to report environmental contamination, but also connect with others close-by who may have reported a related or issue. On the print front, on behalf of Best Wilson Buckley, we are publishing “Crossroads,” a quarterly magazine dedicated to family law and related issues.

You can probably see, that our relationship with our clients is one of co-creation. In other words, we see ourselves as integral team members in your law firm in responding to the challenges, both from a marketing an innovation perspective.

Accordingly, the Fast Firms business model isn’t predicated on generating a mass of clients, but rather a bespoke, specialist practice that works with clients of which we like, consider there is synergy between the strategic objectives of your firm and what we can offer.

The benefits to your law firm are numerous. Quite apart from consolidating every marketing touchpoint from strategy to digital to print to multi-media to outdoor advertising in one spot, we stand shoulder to shoulder with your firm responding to the challenges of the “now” and the “future.”

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