Corporate Collateral Design


With the advent of technology, the risk for law firms is that they neglect their firm’s print collateral.
We work with law firms, tightening it all up and reigning it all back into one definitive brand style guide.

Corporate Collateral Design

Print is such a powerful medium in not only promoting your firm’s practice areas but as well as onboarding new clients.

We are working with plenty of law firms at present who are now ensuring synergy across every marketing touch-point, including print. As they should, because if your law firm is serious about creating an awesome client experience, it needs to happen from start to finish and print plays an important role.

We see it so often. As a law firm evolves and grows, so too does its array of brand and marketing collateral, resulting in a pile of various antiquated corporate collateral incarnations (letterheads, brochures, business cards etc). What’s worse, is that we often see law firms delegate the clean up, and dare we say it, the design of the new material to administrative staff. It invariably ends in a very big mess.

At Fast Firms, we care a lot about corporate collateral. Sure, we’re in a digital age, but we consistently see great results from those law firms who are client-centric and see the potency of print collateral interspersed smartly during the client journey.

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What we do

Stationary & Promotional Materials

We can supply all your stationery needs, including letterheads, compliment slips, appointment cards and brochure folders. We can also assist with the choice of promotional materials, design and supply.

Business Cards

A high quality business card sets the tone for your law firm, not just making a great impression but creating a lasting connection too. We design in accordance with your firm’s style guide, ensuring strong synergy and brand consistency.


We do a lot of this. We’re seeing an increase in the number of law firms who wish to differentiate and rather than rely solely on email and social media marketing to get their message out, are reverting to quality publications that capture the special nature of the firm.


We design for a comprehensive range of brochures and flyers, including half fold, roll fold, Z fold or gatefold leaflets. Single-sided or double-sided? We can help your firm choose the best option, do all the design and take care of the printing.


If your firm is sponsoring an event, posters can work very well with broadcasting a singular message about your firm. We can supply the design and print with rich, distinctive colours and sharp clarity to ensure that your message, advert, display or exhibition will get all the right kind of attention.


Pop up banners are not only a must if your firm is actively marketing through running your own legal seminars or participating in public forums, but they’re also a great platform to have in your reception. We can help choose the best option for you, design to your requirements and supply the banners.

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