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So…how can you help us with content marketing¬†for Law¬†Firms?

Law firms that are succeeding online, without a doubt have a strong commitment to content marketing. What is content marketing?
It derives from understanding the pain-points of which potential clients need legal help and responding to that need through a cross-section of client-focused content in an array of mediums that will help them best.

We can help you set a content marketing strategy and assist your firm with the production of that content..

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we co-create content with you

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There is a synonymous characteristic that you will see from the many law firms that we work with and that is both a robust commitment to content, but also a willingness to co-create unique, client-focused content and harness multiple mediums to do so.

We work with your firm in devising a content map, followed by a cohesive strategy by which we do the heavy lifting and make it as easy as possible for your law firm to produce great content that we can then, repurpose into other marketing collateral (email and social media campaigns, case studies, white-papers, magazines, e-zines etc).

How to devise a great content marketing strategy

Creating a great content strategy derives from understanding who your clients are and the information they need to assist them to put their legal issue in context.

In this interview, Fast Firm’s Director, Dan Toombs talks with one of the World’s most recognised content strategy specialists, Kristina Halvorson.

Kristina provides great tips on how to go about devising your firm’s content strategy and also talks about the importance for large law firms considering website redesign, of conducting a content audit.

Our Interview with one of the World’s leading content strategists, Kristina Halvorson

How Foley Hoag
Create Great Content.

When we asked our good friend, former Editor in Chief of and now Editor of the National Trial Lawyers, Larry Bodine who does content well, without hesitation he pointed to Foley Hoag who under the stewardship of their Director of Marketing & Business Development, Jasmine Trillos-Decarie are a renowned content machine, as well as of course being recognised as an extraordinary firm.

Take your content
to new heights.

Content marketing requires a unique type of investment. With most outbound marketing, the investment is cost related. But with inbound marketing, while there are costs, the biggest investment is time. Content marketing is a process and typically requires a good amount of work until you see meaningful results.

The Bible for
content marketing.

Do you want to take your firm to the next level with content marketing? A great resource is the Content Marketing Institute.

Did you know this about Fast Firms.

Did you know that Fast Firms are the brainsbehind these intelligent solutions….

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