Client Sense

Data Management & Analysis for Law Firms

Its name is a clue – Client Sense is used by professional services firms to attract, maintain and grow client relationships, thereby improving the business’ bottom line. It is particularly relevant for management, relationship managers, business development/marketing staff and IT teams.

The data-driven solution works via your firm’s email system and is integrated either with your corporate systems or hosted in the cloud. It can operate alongside a firm’s Practice Management System or CRM, and is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Hosted Exchange (including a mixed/hybrid state).

Data Management & Analysis for Law Firms

Client Relationship Management: Client Sense provides automatic real-time information on meetings, last contact and recent activity with each of your firm’s clients, requiring no data entry.

Referrer Management: Maintain and nurture regular contact with key referrers as well as grow the referral network. Client Sense puts the right people in your organisation in touch with key referrers.

Key Client Monitoring: Map and monitor the quality and quantity of your relationships with key clients, with insights on communication trends compared with fees and service areas to both safeguard and develop client relationships.

Cross Servicing: Client Sense can identify cross servicing opportunities for different areas of your firm in order to grow revenue, develop practice areas, and improve client retention.

Succession Planning and Staff Departures: Be pre-emptive when staff change jobs, transition roles or retire so that key client relationships are proactively managed at all levels of the firm. Identify those client relationships likely to be affected by the sudden departure of one of your staff so that the relationship can be managed and protected with minimal adverse impact.

Contact Records: Client Sense automatically collects the job titles and contact detail of clients to provide live, constantly updated information and avoid the need for an expensively maintained CRM.

Data Management & Analysis for Law Firms

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Data Management & Analysis for Law Firms

Client Sense – LawFest Demonstration

Client Sense – 90 Second Overview

Why Your Law Firm Marketing Needs Client Sense Now

Data Management & Analysis for Law Firms

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