checkbox automation

CheckBox is a no-code platform enabling law firms to digitise and automate assessments, workflow and document generation. The platform enables legal practices to build out decision automation using a simple drag and drop interface.

  • Empower your business users to automate their processes by rapidly prototyping & building apps without coding or involving IT
  • Get real-time insights into your services & processes to help you understand your customers & make data-driven decisions
  • Replace legacy, standalone solutions for workflow automation & document generation with a single seamlessly designed platform
  • Accelerate your digital transformation by leveraging agile development to generate new revenue & improve operational efficiency


checkbox automation

Here are a number of features of CheckBox:

  • No-Code Studio – Use the CheckBox drag and drop editor to build and maintain automations.
  • Information Intake – Use dynamic forms to gather information from users.
  • Calculation & Decision Engine – The ability to design very complex decision-trees, calculations and scoring.
  • Document Generation – Generate documents that have been pre-filled ready for signature and print.
  • Workflow & Process Automation – Build and automate end to end automations, including user journeys and a diverse range of processes.
  • Flexible Deployment – Numerous native deployment options allowing use in both external and internal user journeys.
  • Dashboard & Analytics – Customisable dashboard to advise your firm on crucial insights.
  • Audit Trail – Audits and complete record keeping of responses, actions and documentation.
checkbox automation

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checkbox automation

Here is a very brief demo video of CheckBox.

checkbox automation

If your law firm wants to learn more about how CheckBox can benefit your legal practice, complete the details below and we will reach out to discuss the software and other options that may be worth considering.

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