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Why Video Marketing is the New Black in Engaging Prospective Law Firm Clients

Why Video Marketing is the New Black in Engaging Prospective Law Firm Clients

Social media is now recognised as one of the most powerful marketing tools that helps boost brand recognition, reinforce brand loyalty and improve conversion rates. Every positive interaction on social media helps improve the likelihood of conversion. In fact, trends indicate that by the year 2020, online videos will drive more than 80% of InternetRead More »Why Video Marketing is the New Black in Engaging Prospective Law Firm Clients
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How Your Law Firm Can Stay Relevant in a Changing Market

There is a tectonic shift occurring in the legal industry seeing a plethora of start-ups and existing firms recalibrate their business models to create a new value proposition to a rapidly changing market. However, for the more traditional law firm, all isn’t lost, but it requires some focus on their existing brand and marketing strategies,Read More »How Your Law Firm Can Stay Relevant in a Changing Market
All Content Great Content

Is All Content, Great Content?

Content marketing is of course, the "new black," with a litany of authors and speakers advocating that amid your marketing strategy, if you do nothing else, create content. Whilst that is true to an extent, we've noticed a number of firms jump on the bandwagon, but in their haste, make some fundamental mistakes. ONE They createRead More »Is All Content, Great Content?
Can your law firm brandscape

Can Your Law Firm Brandscape?

For a little while now, we've been working with a couple of firms on identifying strategic partners of which there exists an allied relationship and then implementing a content strategy that picks up the characteristics of each of them. In other words, most recently in working with a family law firm who have developed aRead More »Can Your Law Firm Brandscape?
The Advent of Experience Marketing

The Advent of Experience Marketing

Robert Rose and Carla Johnson are probably two of the most influential thinkers in the realm of content marketing. Content marketing as a practice, has been around for awhile despite only coming into vogue in the last 2 years or so. Law firms generally acknowledge the importance of a content strategy, but implementation and execution isRead More »The Advent of Experience Marketing

Keeping Potential Clients from Going Elsewhere

In Matthew Dixon's, "the Effortless Experience," 80% of the companies interviewed had subscribed to the notion that when it came to creating an online experience, more was better. The companies surveyed invariably provided a near-endless stream of choices on their website, from web chat, click-to-chat, knowledge bases, step by step guides, online support communities andRead More »Keeping Potential Clients from Going Elsewhere

How to Write Your Bio with Doug Stern

On this podcast, we are LIVE from Louisville, Kentucky with Doug Stern. Doug is an award-winning freelance writer-editor and marketing strategist, who works predominantly with law firms on creating, compelling content. We know that increasingly the most important piece of content on your law firm's website and other online touch points is your bio andRead More »How to Write Your Bio with Doug Stern

How to Future Proof Your Firm with Process Design

Interview with David Ash How do law firms adapt to change? It is increasingly an important question given the changes happening to our industry, particularly influenced by technology, in the shape of new legal business models. Today I'm joined by David Ash of Transfirm, a company that works across multiple industries, including the legal industry,Read More »How to Future Proof Your Firm with Process Design

3 Huge Mistakes of the Generalist Law Firm

We love marketing generalist legal practices? Why, because whilst there is this preoccupation with becoming the "specialist" and niching down, multiple opportunities open up for the generalist firm that can allow re-engagement and cross pollination of historic clients. However, multi-disciplinary firms invariably make some big fundamental mistakes in how they market, or don't market theirRead More »3 Huge Mistakes of the Generalist Law Firm

Take Your Content Marketing to New Heights (Infographic)

Content marketing requires a unique type of investment. With most outbound marketing, the investment is cost related. But with inbound marketing, while there are costs, the biggest investment is time. Content marketing is a process and typically requires a good amount of work until you see meaningful results. But don’t let that deter you. AsRead More »Take Your Content Marketing to New Heights (Infographic)

Free Legal Marketing Content Calendar

No matter who you talk to, the synonymous answer to getting more qualified web traffic to your law firm's website, is to write more content. Content is the bedrock of great digital marketing. For firms that are prolific content writers, multiple opportunities to drive eternal traffic are everywhere. Notwithstanding this, content that is well thoughtRead More »Free Legal Marketing Content Calendar

Legal Marketing from a Suitcase

A whirlwind of a few weeks, listening to law firms in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Newcastle, Brisbane and Toowoomba on their challenges, the opportunities and how they're going to meet both. Across these discussions over the last three weeks, there was a synonymous theme that kept on re-emerging, the changing legal industry and the importance ofRead More »Legal Marketing from a Suitcase