Just like having your own marketing department working in your law firm

How to Write Your Bio with Doug Stern

On this podcast, we are LIVE from Louisville, Kentucky with Doug Stern. Doug is an award-winning freelance writer-editor and marketing strategist, who works predominantly with law firms on creating, compelling content. We know that increasingly the most important piece of content on your firm's website...

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Getting on Your Feet with Cheryl Bame

On this edition of the podcast, Cheryl Bame of Bame PR discusses why attorneys or lawyers need to get on their feet and start presenting at conferences and the like, if they want to be seen as thought leaders and how to do it effectively. Cheryl...

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Law Firm Web Design with Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine, probably the World's most recognised Law Firm Marketing expert recently did a great chat with the LegalTalk Network. In the interview, Larry covered numerous topics, including: 1. Why your firm needs a website that works; 2. What are the characteristics of a great website 3. Why...

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