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This Law Firm Takes Brand Seriously

This Law Firm Takes “Brand” Seriously

[player id=54381] In this podcast, Fast Firms' Director, Dan Toombs talks with Claire Wivell-Platter of the Fold Legal, an innovative and creative law firm based in Sydney and Brisbane. Claire discusses the importance of brand, brand consistency and why creating a unique, consistent brand voice is the key to differentiation in a competitive legal market. Transcript: InRead More »This Law Firm Takes “Brand” Seriously

3 Huge Mistakes of the Generalist Law Firm

We love marketing generalist legal practices? Why, because whilst there is this preoccupation with becoming the "specialist" and niching down, multiple opportunities open up for the generalist firm that can allow re-engagement and cross pollination of historic clients. However, multi-disciplinary firms invariably make some big fundamental mistakes in how they market, or don't market theirRead More »3 Huge Mistakes of the Generalist Law Firm

Free Legal Marketing Content Calendar

No matter who you talk to, the synonymous answer to getting more qualified web traffic to your law firm's website, is to write more content. Content is the bedrock of great digital marketing. For firms that are prolific content writers, multiple opportunities to drive eternal traffic are everywhere. Notwithstanding this, content that is well thoughtRead More »Free Legal Marketing Content Calendar