Can Our Law Firm Still Rank #1 in Google?

By 22 September 2019Marketing Hub, SEO
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It goes without saying that getting your firm ranked #1 for competitive keywords should be a primary objective of most law firms, but getting there is harder than ever with the majority of firms having an SEO strategy in place.

If your law firm isn’t ranking but wants to, there are some fundamentals you need to know!

It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Recently we were thrilled with the fact that one of our clients in Australia now ranks #1 for the highly competitive term, “Gold Coast Lawyers,” but at first blush, you may think it has happened overnight.  Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s been a 24-month exercise.  Similarly the case for a personal injury law firm client that now ranks #1, #2 and #3 for the most competitive injury keywords in the largest capital city in Australia. In this case, it took 18 months.

Fundamental to getting your firm ranked you need to acknowledge that it’s a marathon and not a sprint and the improvements occur incrementally week after week.

Know what you’re chasing!

We believe that an SEO budget consumed by chasing long-tail keywords (those keywords that have minimal search volume) can be great for vanity and little else.  That’s not to say your family law firm shouldn’t be chasing keywords like “how do I get a parenting plan” but the volume of search for the keyword phrase, at least in Australia, is below 10 a month. It follows that if your SEO budget of $2,500 per month (average cost for many firms)  is being expended on these types of keywords then its likely lead generation from your website may be poor.

Work with an Agency that are Law Firm SEO Experts.

We see it regularly when we inherit not only SEO accounts from agencies that don’t understand law firms but also Google Ad accounts when primary keywords that are being chased are just plain wrong! It’s not often that a family law firm wants to chase “child support” keywords, yet invariably we see a chunk of a monthly budget being wasted on terms like this that generate clicks, cost law firms money and never convert into file opens.  Similarly for personal injury practices, chasing property damage claims is a sure way to deplete your Google Ads budget very quickly, yet law firms will persist with generalist Ad agencies who happily spend their money month after month.

In the context of SEO, the same applies, agencies or freelancers that don’t work solely in the legal space and who do not understand legal practice typically leads to little or no success.

What Should We Do Next?

If your law firm has got an SEO strategy in place but it’s not improving, or it’s not optimised for legal practice, we can help!  We’ll show you example after example of results that we’re achieving month on month for our clients.  Book a call! You Can Easily Schedule a Call With Us Right Here

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