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Great marketing is predicated on getting your brand building right.

So…how do we build a brand for our law firm?

Stand out from the crowd. Great marketing is predicated on getting your story right.

What does your firm conjure up in the minds and hearts of your clients, that’s what “brand” is all about and the firms that are winning, have nailed it. Chances are, your firm needs to do this work and if you measure up, we can help!

Law Firm Marketing at Fast Firms

Time to differentiate

With a crowded legal market and a bunch of nimble start-ups. Why should clients see your law firm?

Your brand delivers the values and propositions that set you apart from other law firms.

Partner with branding experts that bring your objectives together cohesively.

Our  Law Firm Branding Hub Solutions

All your solutions in one place…

We understand new brands and brand revitalisation. We’ve successfully launched a number of new legal brands into the market, as well as worked through all the dynamics of revitalising a brand gone a little stale. No matter where your firm is at in the journey, we can help.

We understand the importance of a strong brand narrative. That might sound a little weird, but firms that have been around for a while can often lose their brand narrative, in particular, their brand story that worked 10 years ago has now become misplaced in the market.

We make sure your style guide is definitive. We see it so often. As a brand evolves so too does it’s array of brand and marketing collateral. Now, when you look at it, it’s all lost its way with all its various incarnations. We work with law firms, tightening it all up and reigning it all back into one definitive brand style guide.

We work with your unique voice. We get to know your firm and then work for you, understanding your target user and practice areas. We help you create your unique selling proposition from a panoramic brand communication strategy.

We apply a multi-dimensional approach to your law firm marketing, striving for a singular voice to permeate across every marketing touchpoint and then, we execute the whole lot, saving you the pain of dealing with consultants and individual service providers!.

Our clients are constantly surprised and regularly comment on how fast we’re able to attend to new design and development requests and resolve support issues. Our turn-around times will literally shock you!


Brand Workshop

In introductory workshops, we lead your law firm participants through a full design cycle and introduce the mindsets and methods of the design thinking process.
  • Two-hour workshops
  • Half-day workshops
  • Full-day workshops
brand sprints

Brand Sprints

‘Design Sprints’ focusing on your clients’ real-world problems that result in actionable insights, prototypes and design iterations.
  • Two-to-three day sprints
  • Weeklong sprints
  • + more
style guide

Style Guide

Your law firm style guide sets up design principles that dictate the direction of your unique brand proposition and marketing strategies.
  • brand image & identity
  • layout & typographical solutions
  • brand colours & imagery
  • navigation & html assets
  • assets & interface harmony
  • + more
An integrated smarter approach

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We save you the pain of dealing with multiple providers!…

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