Dan Toombs

Is Content Still King?

When it comes to digital marketing, there are three types of law firms. There typically are the early adopters, the late adopters and the laggards. The methodology behind it isn't new and was defined extensively in the touchstone text, "The Diffusion of Innovations," and Geoffrey Moore's, "Crossing the Chasm." While "content marketing" can hardly beRead More »Is Content Still King?

Google Penguin Update

Google has made yet another round of significant algorithm changes in the last few days that like previous updates, is all about its preferential option for those websites that are providing good, quality content. If you're running duplicate content, or have an unscrupulous SEO crew doing this work for you by duplicating your blog postsRead More »Google Penguin Update

Content is Not King

A very potentent interview this morning with MTV's Bill Roedy. MTV started as a single music channel in the US some 30 years ago. It is now a multi-channel global network that spans 165 countries with a sheer audience in excess of 2 billion people who touch it every day. MTV's growth is, in largeRead More »Content is Not King

Content, Content and Content

It's no longer a matter of choice. Intrinsic to your law firm marketing strategy has to be your firm's commitment to generate user-centric content. Full stop. Everyday, via a desktop, laptop, a mobile phone, an iPad, Android and even a television people are consuming information at a phenomenal rate. The internet has become the quintessentialRead More »Content, Content and Content