Dan Toombs

Why Law Firms are Investing in Content Marketing

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but increasingly law firms are seeing the value of creating client focused content as a dominant lead generation strategy. Greentarget in association with The American Lawyer and The Zeughauser Group have this week launched their 2014 Digital and Content Marketing Survey following research of 189 in-house counsel and 79Read More »Why Law Firms are Investing in Content Marketing

Law Firm Email Marketing

Ancient internet marketers, like those who existed 8 years ago and still flourish to this day, banged on about "the list." At digital marketing conferences, everyone wrapped their presentation about it, blogs were preoccupied with it, information products derived millions of dollars from it, pressing upon people to focus on building your "email list," toRead More »Law Firm Email Marketing

The Most Important Questions that No-One Seems to Know the Answer to in a Law Firm

Yes, we see it all the time when we start raking around the place, when about to commence some design strategy work for a firm's quintessential online footprint, "their website." The conversation usually goes like this. Fast Firms: "Who hosts your current website?" Law Firm Client: "Not sure" Fast Firms: "Who has the registration detailsRead More »The Most Important Questions that No-One Seems to Know the Answer to in a Law Firm

Time to Re-Think Law Firm SEO

You may have already guessed that we do have a strong opinion of the risks associated when firms completely disengage from their law firm SEO marketing efforts and outsource their SEO (search engine optimisation) completely to external providers, never knowing what tactics are being applied to catapult the firm to good rankings. Why? Notably becauseRead More »Time to Re-Think Law Firm SEO

Why Guides are a Great Capture for Lead Generation

Each month, your firm like most is probably in receipt of a significantly higher amount of web visits than actual client conversions. In other words, each month, you have 1,200 people visit your criminal law firm's website, but those who actually become clients are in single digits. Don't despair! Providing you're watching your web analytics,Read More »Why Guides are a Great Capture for Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing & Law Firms

There has always been loads of conjecture concerning social media as a client acquisition tool within the legal landscape and other industries. In many respects, much of the discussion to date has been weighted significantly more towards the potential of social media to enhance potential client engagement and of course, marketing companies keen to capitaliseRead More »Social Media Marketing & Law Firms