Aero Filer - Document Reception & Generation for Law Firms

Law firms are a hive of document reception and generation. Aerofiler is the modern solution to document organisation, a cloud-based application that provides for management, reporting and insights on your firm and its document handling.

Aerofiler works whether the firm is using a network drive, a cloud-based system such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or a full contract management system.

Aero Filer - Document Reception & Generation for Law Firms

Aerofiler is a versatile system for office document management, able to integrate with existing software while automating many tasks and offering numerous customisation options.

Key features include:

  • Documents generated through platforms such as DocuSign or Salesforce, for example, are automatically filed by Aerofiler.
  • Advanced search function to sort, filter and group the entirety of documents within the firm via any metadata field.
  • Manual data entry and record-keeping reduced through Aerofiler’s automatic detection of key metadata fields like titles, dates, and party names.
  • Bulk storage via a web interface or simply BCC Aerofiler in an email.
  • Customisable fields to facilitate easier metadata management. Also automatic prevention of duplicate documents being filed.
  • Review and edit multiple documents on the same screen.
  • Linkage of related documents, such as amendments and originals, automatically through Aerofiler.
  • Insights into workflows and team workloads via quantitative data provided by the software, allowing better allocation of resources and understanding of the causes of delays or errors. This includes report generation, for instance to list contracts which contain unusual provisions, obligations like breach notification clauses, or dates for renewal.
  • Backup to cloud-based storage.
  • Maintain security of sensitive documentation through link sharing rather than email attachments.
Aero Filer - Document Reception & Generation for Law Firms

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Aero Filer - Document Reception & Generation for Law Firms

What is Aerofiler?

Aero Filer - Document Reception & Generation for Law Firms

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