6 Tips to Get More Leads From Your Law Firm Website

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Do you want your law firm website to generate more leads? In this blog, we’ll share a few tips to get you started.

Law firms that are growth-focused invariably invest a significant amount of money in developing and improving their websites and lead channels. In our experience, many legal practices can make the wrong assumption that a website, in of itself will drive a good volume of leads. Rarely this is the case unless of course, the practice has already dialed in an SEO and a paid search/social strategy or has another lead channel that drives traffic. If your practice is the latter, the following quick tips can prove useful in converting traffic to leads.

Tip #1: Boost your visibility.

Prospective clients must first be able to find your law firm website to work with you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most effective technique to enhance the visibility of your law firm website. This requires structuring your web pages in a specific format to enhance search visibility and rank your keywords in search engines and drive backlinks to your site. To appear in search results, choose keywords or keyphrases that are relevant to your target audience and of course, are being searched.

Tip #2: Make it easy for potential clients to contact you.

Clients are sifting through a plethora of law firm websites in search of the best match for them. You want to be able to make yourself or your law firm stand out. Make it easy for people to contact your firm by showing that you’re contemporary, up to date, and of course with overt ways to engage a potential client and take them to the next step. In this regard, consider the best way to migrate potential clients through your website to a conversion point where they take action. That action may be a contact, it may be another type of engagement. Following this, CRMs are useful for follow-up.  Our own CRM, LawStripe is great in ensuring you don’t miss any notifications, but also puts on auto-pilot the follow-up sequences that are necessary to move a lead from warm to hot.

Tip #3: Prove that you are a reliable source.

For clients, trust is a high-risk factor. Even if your website claims you are experts in your field, how can you convince a client that you are a credible source? Producing podcasts, videos, and blogs for your website are a few fantastic methods to achieve this and start the process of building rapport with a person prior to them becoming a file-open. Another smart option is to include reviews, testimonials, and case studies that show prospects what kind of work you have performed and how you’ve helped others with comparable legal matters. At Fast Firms, we’re the only law firm marketing company in Australia that looks at lead generation and conversion holistically, hence our in-house services that include, podcasts, videography etc.

Tip #4: Showcase testimonials from previous clients.

People prefer word-of-mouth recommendations over marketing, so asking your clients for reviews or testimonials that you can post on your website is a smart idea. These will show that you’ve done a great job in the past and will help your law firm website generate more leads.

You can request testimonials from clients by sending them emails inquiring about their experiences with your law firm. You could also send a request via FirmRanker, inviting them to submit a review for your law firm. FirmRanker will give you more control over the client reviews you receive, so you get more happy testimonials and less bad ones.

Tip #5: Provide value to your clients.

Providing value and diversity in the content your law firm has on its website will keep visitors returning, engaging, and heightening the prospects of them becoming clients. We know through many years of experience in law firm marketing, that invariably many people needing legal help rarely convert into a file open immediately. Your firm is being measured against the online presence of your competitors and potential clients will shop around. Hence at Fast Firms, we’re huge proponents of omnichannel marketing, in other words producing, should to shoulder with our clients, great, innovative, diverse content through an array of mediums.

Tip #6: Offer a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are digital products that help your potential clients solve an issue. These can be e-books, whitepapers, checklists, reports, automated docs, calculators, and the like. Lead magnets should be “gated,” which means that access to the material is restricted until the user submits personal information. Visitors will gladly hand up their email addresses in return for a download if you offer useful and timely lead magnets. Once they’ve done so, you can stay in touch with them and start nurturing them as leads. In this context, we regularly are helping our clients with not only the production of e-books, downloadable guides etc, but also technology-driven magnets like case assessment tools, chatbots, automated forms, and assessment tools.

You may also generate leads on your website by providing access to future and on-demand webinars hosted by your law firm. At Fast Firms, we do plenty of these!

Make the most out of your law firm website.

Generate more leads from your law firm’s website with these easy tips. Qualified leads will begin to multiply when you increase your visibility, develop trust, give lead magnets, and make it easy for clients to contact you.

Need more help generating leads from your website? Are you frustrated because you’ve invested time and money into your website but aren’t seeing the results you expected? Contact Fast Firms today.