5 Tips to Drive People To Your Legal Videos On YouTube

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Today, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and also the third most visited site. Facebook and Google ranks first and second.

Youtube gets approximately six billion hours of watched videos monthly and they receive more than a million unique visitors every month. It’s a powerful medium and in the marketing mix being adopted by law firms, it should be considered seriously.

The problem that most lawyers face when using Youtube is simply how to penetrate the search results and be found for good volume search keywords.

Here are a few tips:

1. Use the keyword tool. Youtube keyword tool can help you track and determine what are the best keywords and what keywords are commonly used by users to find a specific videos.


2. Check out your competitors. You can test that by identifying a bunch of keywords and simply search them out individually in Youtube. If the competition is high, you may adopt a couple of different strategies. One of which would be to select a longer tail keyword phrase that still has that specific keyword in it. The other option, depending upon how integrated your Law firm video marketing strategy will be around this or these videos, is to drive traffic to the subject video via email and social media marketing to boost the view count.


3. Use the keywords you’re chasing in the title of your video. For example, if your video is on “property settlements,” then ensure that your title of the video has those keywords within it.


4. Create Playlists. Remember, if you have read our Essential Law Firm Web Design Guide (download for free below), you would know that lead management is fundamentally important in converting client leads. Accordingly, if you have nailed your client personas that we discuss in the guide, in creating a new video you will be striving to get into the mind of your perfect client. In doing so, it’s invariably the case that the potential client may wish to watch a further video following your video on “property settlements.”

For example, your first video may have been an introduction to property settlements and the second may be targeted at dispelling some myths and the third video may be strategy focused with a call to action.

Basically, playlists work such that if a person finds one of your videos that belong to a list, instead of the video just ending, it goes on to play additional videos that you have selected to be on the same list. Fantastic for synergistic and sequenced marketing!

5. One last thing, add an enticing thumbnail for your video and it will assist click-through rates and can lead to both more views and ultimately conversions!

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